COVID-19 - Attending the Practice

Important Information for Your Safety

Thank you for observing our strict safety measures when attending our Practice.

All patients and visitors must wear a face covering when in the building. You may be given a mask when you arrive for your appointment or treatment, please ensure that you follow these guidelines: 


  • Wear your mask at all times unless told otherwise by a member of staff
  • Use the mask properly - ensure it covers your nose and mouth. Do not allow to dangle around your neck.
  • Wash / sanitise your hands before putting your mask on and taking it off
  • Ask a member of staff for a new mask if yours becomes soiled/very damp
  • Wear your mask when you are in areas of the building where you will come into contact with other people
  • If you have to remove your mask for any reason, fold it in on itself and place in your pocket/bag to be re-used
  • Continue to observe social distancing, keeping at least 1 metre from other people

Exemptions around wearing a Face Mask - click here