Waterfoot Wildflower Meadow

In 2019 we started to create a wlidflower meadow. Our aim was to encourage the wild flowers to grow for the benefit of the local wildlife, our patients and our staff.

The area where the meadow now stands was previously an area of plain turf, lacking in biodiversity and not used by patients nor staff who work at the practice.

We are managing this area with a yearly cut in early September. The cut grass is then be seeded with a plant called Yellow Rattle and we are now seeing the benefits of a flower filled meadow staring to develop.

If you would like any further information, or you would like to help with the development of the meadow, please get in touch with us at the surgery.


More information can be found on the link below:

Meadow Update - June 2023

Meadow Update - November 2021

New dream Wildflower Meadow at Waterfoot Health Centre


Our Meadow

Meadow Brown Butterfly
Meadow bee